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About Our Photography
Albion has been a leader in conceptualizing and creating beautiful environmental photography for over 24 years. Whether working at our 90,000sqft room set studio, our 6,000sqft small product studio, or at one of the stunning properties in our vast location database, Albion can provide inspiring images that ultimately sell products.
Albion specializes in providing effective marketing images for the following products and industries:

Home Furnishings
Flooring and Wall Coverings
Outdoor Furniture
Consumer Products
Building Products
Home Accessories
Plumbing Fixtures
Outdoor Power Equipment



Building Products






Albion Videos

Video Capabilities
Motion adds another dimension to effectively market your products. Albion’s video department has grown exponentially in both the areas of personnel and equipment since the department’s inception. Utilizing top of the line video production and editing equipment, Albion’s video team can create a window into the world of the aspirational lives that your potential customers could have while utilizing your products. The emotion that can be captured in video is unsurpassed by any other media. When combined with the perfect music, script and successful editing, video can be an extremely effective marketing tool to feature your products.

Video Capabilities Include:

Concept Development
Script Writing
Voice Over Recording / Talent Selection
Commercial Video Productions
4K Ultra HD Video
Time-lapse Video
Multi Camera Interviews
Instructional Videos
TV Commercials
Graphic Animation
Location Videos
Product Feature Videos
Video Editing

Albion Demo Reel 2014

Lane Venture’s Living Outdoors

Sophistispa Shower System

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Photography in Asia


Computer Generated Images


Interactive photography


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