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Interactive Photography

With today’s technological advances, sometimes still photography alone is inefficient in highlighting all of the features your product has to offer. Often times Interactive Photography can give website users a way to explore the features of your product. Whether you are in need of providing an interactive way for a user to spin your product and view it from any angle, or if you need to show how a piece of furniture converts, Albion has the talent, the experience, and the equipment to provide your company with the most cutting edge Interactive Photography that can be achieved today.

Albion has refined the product photography process to give seamless motion to the product for web viewing. Objects can be shot to rotate on multiple axes to really give your potential clients the ability to view your product from every angle. This can be extremely effective when shooting a product that has to be assembled by the end user, or for products that have features with multiple angles of interest.

Interactive Photography to Highlight Product Features

Can your product convert in different configurations, or does your product have features that are hard to show using traditional photography? If so, Albion can help! Albion can shoot your product to show how it converts, giving your potential customers a clear demonstration of how to make the conversion, and that the two finished converted positions are actually the same product. Sometimes products such a cabinetry, furniture, or even smaller consumer products have hidden features that are best explained using Interactive Photography. Albion can shoot appliances, furniture or cabinets closed, and then show the inside storage capabilities through seamless movements that enable the potential consumer the opportunity to explore everything your product has to offer.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Interactive Photography is worth a lot more! A message that would take a half a dozen still images and a page of information can often be better explained through successful Interactive Photography. This can be achieved through traditional photography or CGI (Computer Generated Images). If you feel you could benefit from Interactive Photography, Albion’s account representatives can help steer you toward the most efficient system for your products!

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