Albion maintains roughly 30 room sets and an outdoor patio set at the High Point Studio. With these sets and a large permanent paintable sweep, Albion’s studio offers a wide variety of options for shooting both photography and video. Albion also has in house carpentry, paint and design departments with all the knowledge and resources to design a custom set to fit your specific needs. Albion’s studio spaces are available for rent. Rent one of Albion room sets, a sweep or the outside patio set for a day, week or as long as your project requires for a reasonable fee. Equipment including lights, foam core, stands, tripods, paper, duratrans and assistants are all on site and available to assure your shoot is a success. The studio has two loading docks and an area to drive a vehicle or roll equipment into the studio. 
Loft Room Set
Tiered Room Set
Large Living Room Set
These are just examples of the type of sets Albion has had in the Studio. The spaces are constantly being updated and changed so contact us to find out what sets are currently on the floor and to check availability. 
Set Rental Inquiry