Creating The Beach Environment

When a product requires several specific environments sometimes it makes sense to schedule a single day of shooting and rely on digitally merging a few of the scenarios into the perfect environment. The marketing team for this particular company wanted to show the many ways this product could be used. A lake environment, back deck space, driveway car washing location, beach environment and camping environment were all needed to show the many different uses for this versatile product. Economically it didn’t make sense to schedule models and locations to fit every scenario. Instead, Albion designers found a lake location that was a short drive for our client that fit the majority of the scenarios requested. The scenarios that could not be achieved at the location were shot specifically for a digital merge. This beach scenario was setup while at the lake location, propped, lit and composed so that it could be successfully super imposed into a beach scene.

Final Merged Beach Image


Stock Beach Image



Model Shot For Merge


Creating The Camping Environment

The camping scenario was requested after the lake location shoot. Pairing the right model shot from that shoot with the appropriate stock environment, we were able to create an image the appealed to the camping community and showed how this product could be used in a camping environment. With just one additional studio shot of a dirty cooler, we were able to create this scenario eliminating the need to book models and pay a second location fee for an additional day of shooting.


Final Merged Camping Image


camping stock photo

Stock Camping Environment



Original Model Shot Used For Merge

The ability to utilize photoshop to digitally merge the model and props into the proper environment, Albion was able to cut this particular shoot down to a single day at a single location. Obviously there are expenses associated with finding the perfect stock image and retouching the product, props and model into another image, but that expense pails in comparison to having to hire models for an additional day and having to book a separate location to get the shot.

The Albion Post Production Team loves a challenge. How can Albion’s retouching abilities help with your next photography project? Check out Albion’s Digital Imaging Services to see other ways Albion uses Photoshop to help clients.